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Atlanta Interior Painting

atlanta interior painting

Interior painting comprises a majority of the work we do, and we take it seriously! Our process for completing a job includes a detailed printed estimate for your perusal that details every step of the work. We go the extra mile every time we paint interiors, including taping off base moldings and covering floors with cloth tarps. We caulk and do minor wall repairs including the filling of nail holes and texture, as needed prior to painting.


We also don't mind moving large furniture as a part of the task. Going the extra mile includes covering ALL surfaces not to be painted with plastic film and paper. Woodwork is always sanded smooth to remove existing brush strokes, then sanding and caulking is performed to create a perfectly smooth finish. We remove all dust particles thoroughly prior to painting, and afterward we haul away all trash and debris, vacuum the carpet and wipe down the floors, leaving interiors considerably brighter and more beautiful than when we began.

atlanta interior painting

We paint homes, condos, townhouses and commercial projects throughout the Atlanta, GA metro area. Most of our paint jobs are in the Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta, Atlanta and Sandy Springs areas.




Our Painting Process

  • Your home's floors, fixtures and overall environment will be protected at all times.
  • Work areas will be clean and tidy at the end of each day.
  • Dust and vapor barriers will be set up to protect areas not presently being worked on as needed.
  • Our preparation is extensive and vital to the longevity and beauty of our work. Prep includes removing failing paint, sanding, filling holes, repairing texture, caulking, cleaning and priming.
  • All surfaces will be painted with at least two coats of high quality paint.
  • All aspects of our work are top quality and will leave you with a great looking, long lasting paint job that will protect your home and investment.
  • We will leave a consolidated and labeled touchup kit.
  • We work to reduce the environmental impact of our work as much as possible. We keep the waste generated to a minimum, we recycle, reuse or donate any unused material and have low VOC paints available.

Free Estimate and Initial Project Consultation:
Clear definition of the scope of your project, costs and time frame. References are provided. The best way to find out about our top quality services is to ask our customers.

Interior Preparation

interior preparation

Masking all floors, windows, doors, and hardware. Removal of fixtures and electrical faceplates. Your household furnishings and environment will be protected at all times. Dust and vapor barriers will be set up to protect areas not presently being worked on as needed. We will leave your home as clean or cleaner than we found it.

Wall Preparation

wall preparation

Wallpaper removal, surface cleaning, and removal of nails and repair of holes. Minor drywall repairs. Sanding and caulking as needed. Any patching and repairs will be primed for excellent quality and durability.

Primer and Paint

primer and paint

Application of primer and a minimum of two top coats of high-quality interior paint. Custom colors and color consultation available. Low and no VOC (environmentally friendly) paints are available.

Interior Woodwork and Trim

trim painting

Trim (such as base, door jams, crown molding and Waynes coating, chair rails) can be one of the most important parts of your paintjob. We take extra care to ensure the beauty and longevity of your trim.

All trim will be sanded; cleaned; holes and imperfections filled; repaired; and calked where needed. Any bare wood patching and repairs will be primed for excellent quality and durability.

We will spray or brush your trim based on your needs, the environment we're working in and the type of finish. 

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